What we do

Neighbourhood Watch increases awareness by communication and education in crime prevention.

The program aims to:

  • Increase cohesion and connectedness in communities
  • Help to prevent crime
  • Increase neighbourliness and community wellbeing
  • Increase the level of home security in our community
  • Reduce preventable crime
  • Encourage the reporting of suspicious activity
  • Improve the quality of information passed on to Police
  • Encourage the marking of valuables to discourage theft and assist in identifying recovered property

Why participate in the Neighbourhood Watch program?

People join Neighbourhood Watch for many different reasons, whether it is to improve safety around their home, and/or feel connected to their neighbours. It is widely regarded that being part of Neighbourhood Watch can:

  • Reduce / prevent local crime
  • Reduce fear of crime
  • Address issues relating to antisocial behaviour
  • Create safer neighbourhoods
  • Build community spirit and cohesion
  • Reassure members of the public
  • Assist in the detection and apprehension of criminals through members providing information to the police
  • Improve quality of life and the local environment

If you are thinking about participating in the program, we have a range of crime prevention advice, and support materials to suit your needs.

What we do

The main function of Neighbourhood Watch is based on creating a local network of neighbours who:

  • help each other
  • keep an eye on each other
  • keep an eye on communal spaces
  • share information with each other and Police