Melville NHW

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is a WA Police Force program to help neighbours watch out for neighbours. It’s as simple as getting to know your neighbours and exchanging contact information.  The program aims to prevent crime by encouraging neighbours to recognise and report suspicious activity to police, and to make their homes less inviting for opportunist offenders.
A NHW volunteer  promotes the basic ethos of Neighbourhood Watch and distributes community safety and crime prevention information material at events.
Neighbourhood watch Melville is a dynamic group of individuals that are about their community and wish to make it safer. 

The group is always looking for new members and opportunities to promote Public Safety and provide Crime Prevention products and information.

The Organising committee meets Bimonthly to organise events and discuss their upcoming community installations. 

If you are in the Melville area and want to join a friendly, community focused organisation please reach out to Atul Garg the Chairman and organiser of Melville Neighbourhood Watch.

The Group meets Bi-Monthly 
The Group meets Bi-Monthly 

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