NHW Landsdale

NHW Landsdale are a group of active volunteers who love the area we live in and want to create a safe and connected community. 

In 2015, NHW Landsdale was started by a few neighbours who saw there was a need to connect with one another, to keep their street free from crime and create a safe environment for their families. They took the next step and contacted NHW WA and their journey began. 

NHW Landsdale is a group of like-minded community members who volunteer by attending events and the willingness to encourage residents to stay up to date with crime prevention strategies. Our volunteers connect through a Messenger group and talk on a regular basis. The local cafes make a great meeting place for face to face meetings. We all contribute towards annual initiatives that will encourage safety and connection for residents. Our Facebook page has the ability for residents to message and talk with members about their concerns and are supported where needed.

It is not all about crime though. A good connected community feels safe and this produces a happier environment for families to grow.  We would love other like minded residents to join us in this task and experience the satisfaction of joining a volunteer Neighbourhood Watch group.

Join our Facebook group and reach out!