NHW Armadale Inc.

NHW Armadale Inc. works with the Police to improve safety and perceived safety in the City of Armadale.

The group advises people on how to report crime. This is vital because if people fail to report crime to local Police so they are aware of target areas. This effects where they patrol and how they can better service the community. 

NHW Armadale Inc. prefers to use face to face connections instead of social media because of the wonderful connections we have with our vibrant community. 

NHW Armadale Inc. impacts on the whole of the City of Armadale as we work with local Police to assist in the reduction of crime. This takes place through our many targeted approaches

  • Street Meet N Greets – These are BBQs held out in the local communities and bring together a variety of resources to provide local community members with safety advice with a focus on home and personal safety. These BBQs come about in two ways, they are either driven by the local community wanting to get to know their neighbours or by Police who have noticed a significant increase in a particular area and as a result Armadale NHW Inc. conduct these events in conjunction with local Police.
  • A host program whereby a member of the community volunteers to be the lead person in promoting a street meet & greet. The NHW Armadale Inc. volunteers assist in conducting the event.
  • Senior safety – NHW Armadale Inc. visits the local retirement villages throughout the City and provide specific safety information targeted for our most vulnerable (the aged). These events provide a sense of safety and security for the seniors without making them complacent.
  • Anti-theft number plate screws fitting days – Criminals use these number plates to place on to other vehicles to commit offences making it near impossible for Police to track these criminals down. NHW Armadale Inc. holds specific fitting days where we place anti-theft screws on to vehicle number plates making it near impossible for the plates to be stolen and thus not being able to be used by criminals. Local Police have advised this initiative is one of great assistance to them.
  • Personal alarms – NHW Armadale Inc. provides these alarms at street meet and greet events and at local shopping centres.
  • Providing safety information through developer events in new suburbs.

A new member must be 18 years and over, and can either collect a volunteer application form at ANHW events or on line at nwatch@armadalenhw.com.au

NHW Armadale Inc. meet monthly on the third Wednesday of the month (except in December) at the City of Armadale.

NHW Armadale Inc. contact details:

Email: nwatch@armadalenhw.com.au and Phone: 0497 675 920