Using Social Media

Social media platforms have provided a free, convenient, instant and surprisingly easy to use method of communicating these days.  Most social media platforms are very intuitive and provide clear instructions for setting up pages or groups.  Social media can be fun - if used correctly and administered appropriately.

As well as providing you with a quick and easy way of communicating among your neighbours, social media offers real-time news and information discovery - a real bonus for spreading the word about things going on in your neighbourhood in a timely fashion.

Having a common interest amongst neighbours - the safety and security of all residents - is a great way to bring people together, increase engagement and communication among neighbours and create a safer and friendlier neighbourhood.

To support our neighbours in using social media we have created Social Media Guidelines as well as "How to Guides" for WhatsApp and Messenger.

Our "How to Guides" are a guide only.  Any social media pages created are not aligned with or represent the views of WA Police Force.  The guides have been provided as we recognise that many neighbours use these platforms to connect and share information.

If something doesn't make sense while you are following these guides, or you have a question that isn't answered here, the best thing to do is simply to Google your problem.  The interest is a great resource and should provide you with the answer to any question about using these social media platforms.  

Setting Up a Facebook Messenger Group

Setting Up a WhatsApp Group

Social Media Guidelines