Supporting our Neighbourhood Watch communities

Do you already know your neighbours and actively involved in your street and want to do more?

To support your NHW journey we offer a wide range of support materials and resources including:-

There is a lot to think about when we talk about home and property security.  We have developed an interactive security checklist and it will provide you with practical advice on improving your home security.   Share this with your neighbours digitally through your local WhatsApp group or print it out and pop it through their letterbox. 

Let's do all we can by preventing opportunistic crime.  By raising awareness about security we will not only encourage residents to secure their homes and reduce crime in our street, it will develop a more resilient community and bring your community together.

To access more crime prevention information or share information with Police, see our links below.

Prevent a Crime

We encourage residents to increase their personal and home security.  

As with all types of crime, prevention is better than the cure.  Taking simple measures can greatly reduce your chances of being a victim of crime.

We offer a wide range of resources covering a number of crime types offering guidance on prevention techniques.  Download or share digitally with your neighbours.

Report a Crime

Active neighbourhoods know their surroundings and are observant to the comings and goings of their local environment.  Being familiar with your local neighbourhood is a great crime prevention tool and sharing information with Police is important. 

Report any crime or suspicious activity to Police - no matter how insignificant you believe it is.  Your information may be the missing piece the Police require to identify an offender.

If you see something, say something.

Our Philosophy 

Neighbourhood Watch is a program where neighbours unite and work together.

Follow these easy and simple steps below -

Neighbours should know what is "normal" in their neighbourhood and what is out of the ordinary.  Neighbourhood Watch does not want you to spy on your neighbour.  We want you to be concerned for the safety of your neighbourhood.  Spend time out in your community and become familiar with your local environment.

Communication is the key – knowing who your neighbours are and acknowledging them.  Waving and saying hello can deter an outsider, as well as signifying that you are communicating and watching out for one another.  Good neighbours also acknowledge those people they don’t know.  Thus letting potential intruders know that they have been seen and observed potentially reducing the opportunity for crime to occur.

Report suspicious activity to Police.  Police can not respond to community problems if they are not made aware of them.  If your instinct is telling you something doesn't feel right – it probably isn't.

Knowledge is a powerful positive tool and helps prevent crime.  Sharing information with Police and your neighbours helps build awareness and connects a neighbourhood.  Crime prevention is everyone's business and everyone has the potential to be a key in building a safer neighbourhood.

Promoting our philosophy

We believe active neighbourhoods can be effective in reducing opportunistic crime by:

  • Increasing awareness
  • Encouraging residents to consciously consider their own home, property, car and personal security
  • Promoting social interaction and neighbourhood cohesion and inclusion
  • Encouraging the reporting of suspicious activity and criminal behaviour to Police

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Neighbourhood Watch encourages neighbours to be actively engaged in the safety and security of their local neighbourhood by:-

    • Getting to know and sharing contact numbers with neighbours and other residents who live locally.
    • Looking out for the personal safety and property security of neighbours and other local residents.
    • Regularly sharing community safety information with neighbours and other local residents.
    • Improving the safety and security of residences, sheds and properties.
    • Reporting any anti-social, suspicious or criminal activity to Police.
    • Joining a local Facebook group to stay across broader information.
    • Joining the local WA Police Force Facebook or Twitter account to stay informed of local issues.
  • You are already involved!

    Participating in Neighbourhood Watch is easy.  It is as simple as promoting the Neighbourhood Watch philosophy in your neighbourhood.  Our engagement model is a participatory one.  It is simply creating local networks of neighbours who communicate with each other, share information with each other and Police and look out for each other.

    We have a range of resources available for you and your neighbours to display that you promote the philosophy.

    There is no joining required.  By simply knowing your neighbours, you are already involved in promoting Neighbourhood Watch in your neighbourhood.

  • It is important to share information with your neighbours.  Knowledge is an effective crime prevention tool.  By sharing information with your neighbours and Police helps raise awareness and connects a neighbourhood.

    All information on suspicious and criminal behaviour should be shared with Police.  Police can not respond to community problems if they are not made aware of them.  If your instinct is telling you something doesn't feel right - it probably isn't.  It is important not to reply on your neighbours to report on your behalf.  Your neighbours can assist you to report but the information should be yours.  If more than one neighbour has information to share with Police, then separate reports to Police should be made.  Everyone's account will be different and it is this difference that could provide Police a vital detail they need to help identify a criminal or solve a crime.


  • Police share information using a variety of methods.

    Follow your local Police district on Facebook and/or Twitter.

    Follow WA Police Force on Facebook.

    Police also share information on the radio and local community newspapers.

    If you are not on social media, connect with your neighbours who can keep you informed on important issues.

  • There are a range of resources available to build connections between neighbours and promote the Neighbourhood Watch philosophy within a street.

    These resources are available in our "Resource" section.  The popular items include Bin Stickers, Magnets and Window Stickers.

     Send us an email with your resource requests and we will send them out to you.

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This area has become friendlier, safer and a more inclusive community thanks to our network of neighbours.
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