Rural Watch

Rural Watch Gate Plaque

Rural Watch operates specifically to support local residents, businesses and farms etc in rural communities across Western Australia.

Following the same principles of Neighbourhood Watch, Rural Watch encourages people in farming and rural communities to know their neighbours, be vigilant and report anything suspicious to police.  

A community that is organised and committed to crime prevention, may act as a deterrent to potential criminals who will be aware that Rural Watch is in place.

Rural Watch aims:

  • To provide Rural Watch signs to deter criminals and anti-social behaviour.
  • To encourage telephone and email contact between the community and Police about crimes and suspicious activity.
  • To encourage rural communities to take crime prevention and deterrent action.

Rural Watch initiatives:

  • Promote programs such as farm and home security checks, property inventories and identification on all machinery tools and equipment, security locks, lights or alarms, rubbish dumping prevention and others.
  • Display signs on your property boundaries that show you are a member of Rural Watch.
  • Encourage farmers and their employees to be security conscious, look out for strange vehicles, and report all suspicious activity to Police.  Download the Eyes on the Street App for quick, easy and efficient reporting to Police.
  • Develop a communication network with neighbouring farms using available technology to communicate and share information.


  • Raises awareness.
  • Keeps the community informed.
  • Develops community spirit and increased levels of participation.

Eyes on the Street App

Eyes on the Street, powered by Crime Stoppers WA, allows people to report suspicious activity quickly, easily and anonymously.

Please note that this is an information sharing tool and not to be used where Police attendance is required at the time.

If you see something, say something.  

Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play now.

Rural Crime Squad

The Rural Crime Squad was established by WA Police Force to provide investigative capacity and support for Police throughout Regional Western Australia.

The charter of the Squad is:

PREVENTION - support key crime prevention strategies, such as Rural Watch and Crime Stoppers, to enhance the security amongst our regional communities.

ENFORCEMENT - conduct complex investigations into rural crime in Western Australia and provide investigative advice and expertise, into livestock related incidents.

INTELLIGENCE - actively encourage the reporting of all incidents and supply of information to provide a greater intelligence picture of rural crime in Western Australia and offenders involved.

REASSURANCE - maintain a close liaison with industry and association partners to ensure contemporary knowledge and skills are applied to all aspects of rural crime investigations.

SUPPORT - provide ongoing training, information and consultation to Western Australia Police Officers.

The Rural Crime Squad strongly supports a philosophy of working together with the people of Western Australia to keep our communities safe.

Rural Crime Squad Charter

Prevent Rural Crime

Protect your property from crime. 

There are a number of strategies we can do to protect our properties from crime. 

Download our Rural Crime Prevention booklet for crime prevention techniques and share the tips with your neighbours.

Rural Watch Gate Plaques

Promote the Rural Watch philosophy.

We have Rural Watch gate plaques available that can be displayed on gates and fences around your property. 

Contact us with your order and we will send them out to you today.