Protect My Stuff

What to do

Thieves will steal items that can be easily converted to cash.  Consider the following steps to record your property and increase your chances of getting them back if they are stolen.

  • Engrave your belongings however, seek advice before using an engraver as not all items are suitable for engraving.  Use an ultraviolet permanent marker to mark property that's not suitable for engraving.
  • Mark your property with a unique personal code (WA Drivers Licence Number) in the top right hand corner of the item or near to the manufacturer's serial number.
  • Keep photographs of your property that cannot be engraved such as jewellery, art and collectables.  Put a ruler or another common item beside the object when taking a photo to help determine size.
  • Keep a list of all serial numbers, make and model details, replacement value and specific features of your property in a spreadsheet or inventory list.  Keep the list and any valuation certificates in a safe place.

Marking and recording your property helps to deter theft and also provides proof of ownership of your valuables.  By marking and recording your property, you can also assist Police in identifying and returning stolen property to its rightful owner.

Property you should identify

Inside your home

  • Televisions and stereo equipment
  • Computers, tablets and cameras
  • Musical equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Clocks and furniture

Outside your home

  • Bikes and sports equipment
  • Power and garden tools
  • Trailers

On your acreage / rural property

  • Tractors
  • Ride-on mowers
  • Welders
  • Horse floats
  • Water pumps
  • Rotary hoes
  • Stock crates
  • Slashes

Record your bikes on

Your household of bikes can be safely uploaded onto Bikelinc, so if you are unlucky enough to find one has been lost or stolen, you have the best chance of getting it back.  Create your fee profile today at

Marking Your Property

Mark your items with your drivers licence number prefixed with "WA".  This will help Police return your property to you if it is stolen and recovered.

Watch the below 'Safety 4 U' video on the use of UV pens

Use our resources below as reminders and to share with your neighbours. The property register is an interactive resource for recording appliances, electrical goods, power tools, electronic equipment and farm machinery.

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