Anyone can report acts of graffiti vandalism against public assets, community facilities or private property.

  • Use the online form to report graffiti as soon as you see it.  This will notify Police that the incident has occurred, and a copy of your report will be sent to the appropriate asset owner.
  • You can add photos or descriptions of the graffiti to assist Police with gathering evidence for investigation.
  • Please note it is the responsibility of the asset owner to clean the graffiti.  Your report and contact details will be forwarded to the asset owner who may contact you if they need any further information.

In the event of significant graffiti damage (racist/obscene) or suspicious activity including an incident in progress, you are urged to contact Police immediately on 131 444.

If you have any information that might help identify offenders contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or online:


Rapid graffiti removal is seen as best-practice in graffiti reduction as it reduces the level of recognition and reward sought by vandals.  Prompt removal also prevents assets from appearing uncared for.

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Designing out Crime is a crime prevention strategy which aims to reduce opportunities for crime through innovative design and management of the built and landscaped environment.

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REPORT graffiti online.

REMOVE graffiti to stop it coming back.

Learn how to PREVENT graffiti. 

For more information on graffiti check out the Goodbye Graffiti website.