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Anyone can report acts of graffiti vandalism

against public assets, community facilities

or private property.

  • In the event of racist, obscene or threatening graffiti damage, or suspicious activity including an incident in progress, you are urged to contact police immediately on 131444.
  • If you have information regarding a graffiti vandal, you can report them anonymously to Crime Stoppers.  Rewards are payable.


You can assist in keeping the community free from graffiti vandalism. 


WA Police - Graffiti Reporting from Frank Carroll on Vimeo.

Goodbye Graffiti



• Rapid graffiti removal is seen as best-practice in graffiti reduction as it reduces the level of recognition and reward sought by vandals. Prompt removal also prevents assets from appearing uncared for.
• Clean up incidents of graffiti vandalism and notify police using the online form that the incident has occurred.  A copy of your report will be automatically forwarded to the asset owner and/or the Local Government Authority (LGA).  Many LGAs offer a free graffiti removal service or expert advice. 

Graffiti vandalism is conservatively estimated to cost WA taxpayers over $25 million per year.  Research has identified graffiti as the second greatest concern to the wider community and the presence of graffiti adversely affects public perceptions of safety. Graffiti offending is a gateway crime and recidivist offenders regularly engage in other criminal behaviour.

The State Graffiti Taskforce is committed to reducing graffiti vandalism through The Graffiti Vandalism Strategy Western Australia 2019 – 2021.


WA Police - Graffiti Prevention from Frank Carroll on Vimeo.



The WA Police Force undertakes graffiti investigations, also focusing on community (and student) education. Designing out Crime is a crime prevention strategy which aims to reduce opportunities for crime through innovative design and management of the built and landscaped environment.