Business Watch

The aim of Business Watch is to establish links among neighbouring small businesses to actively reduce and prevent crime through cooperation and education.

Business Watch forms one part of an overall crime prevention strategy by WA Police Force for business owners.

To participate in Business Watch follow these simple steps:

  • Get to know your neighbouring businesses.  Use our ice breaker card in our Resource section below to introduce yourself.
  • Set up a communication network to improve overall situational awareness such as anti-social behaviour, potential thieves, and provide an understanding of what is happening around your neighbourhood.  Quickly share information within your network to raise awareness and adopt any necessary action.
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.  Take the time to take down a few notes to assist with the re-telling of the story in case it late needs to be reported to police.  Whether is information or an incident we should all take notes as soon as possible.  You can share your information by calling, emailing or submitting an online report to Crime Stoppers WA.  Download the Eyes on the Street App to quickly share information direct to Police via Crime Stoppers WA.
  • All incidents should be reported as this may help Police understand what is happening in your store. Your information will help with the detection, apprehension and prosecution of an offender.  Recording all incidents in your store can also identify areas for security improvement.
  • Robbery prevention - Encourage crime-proofing of property.
  • Burglary prevention - Adding security measures to impede criminal activity and detect criminal activity.
  • Develop signals to activate in adjacent businesses when someone needs help.

When you start a Business Watch program within your shopping centre you take an important step toward a safer environment for yourself, your employees, your customers - and your community as a whole.

Business Watch Resources

Hello Neighbiz Posters
Business Beat Resource

Eyes on the Street App

Eyes on the Street, powered by Crime Stoppers WA, allows people to report suspicious activity quickly, easily and anonymously.

Please note that this is an information sharing tool and not to be used where Police attendance is required at the time.

If you see something, say something.  

Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play now.