Neighbourhood Watch brings neighbours together, with a joint purpose of increasing neighbourliness, community spirit and reducing opportunities for crime to occur.

  • Provide crime prevention resources
  • Raise awareness of crime concerns and provide education how to address them
  • Encourage connections between neighbours
  • Encourage the sharing of information to Police

Provide crime prevention resources

‚ÄčNeighbourhood Watch and WA Police Force have a range of resources to inform residents how to decrease crime and increase security, and also to prevent harm caused by crime.  

Raise awareness and educate communities about crime prevention

Educating our community is an important strategy in crime prevention.  Residents who know what actions they can take to reduce their risk of crime and how they can enhance neighbourhood safety is the core of a safer community.  By reminding residents that a problem exists and how they can address the program, encourages them to take action.

Encourages connections between neighbours

Knowing your neighbours and your neighbourhood helps you recognise suspicious activity and criminal activity.  By sharing information with your neighbours helps raise awareness and connects a neighbourhood.  You and your neighbours are the extra eyes and ears  for the Police in your street, knowing your neighbours are looking out for you and your family can improve a neighbourhoods sense of safety.

Encourage the sharing of information to Police

Police can not respond to community concerns if they are not aware of them.  Neighbourhood Watch provides information on how to report, where to report and what to report to Police.

Neighbourhood Watch encourages connections between neighbours to:

  • Look out for each other
  • Help each other
  • Keep an eye on local spaces
  • Share information with each other and Police


It is the security of knowing that we are there that helps people feel safe.
Daniel - Baldivis Resident