Reporting Hoons

In 2004 the Government amended the Road Traffic Act to address concerns over organised street drag racing and reckless driving.

The Road Traffic Amendment (Impounding and Confiscation of Vehicles) Act 2004, commonly known as “the Hoon Legislation”, empowers police to impound vehicles that are driven:

  • recklessly or dangerously with accompanying circumstances such as doing a burnout or racing another vehicle; or
  • at a speed equal to or greater than 45km/h over the posted speed limit.

Call police on 131 444 to report dangerous, reckless or anti-social driving (hoon) behaviour.

You can also report hoon behaviour at your local police station.

All calls are treated confidentially.

What to report?

  • Description of behaviour, eg: speeding, drag racing, burnouts, etc;
  • Description of driver;
  • Day and time of behaviour;
  • Location of behaviour;
  • Vehicle registration;
  • Vehicle make, model; and
  • Vehicle colour.

Use our Reporting Hoons page, to help you record more information about the hoon behaviour you are witnessing.