Going Away

When going away for the weekend or on holiday it is important to prevent your home from being broken into and possibly your property stolen.

Use the following information to guide you in making your home and property safe and secure while you’re away.

1.   Keep doors and windows locked at all times, even when at home, including sheds and garages.

2.   Keep valuable items such as laptops, mobile phone, and mp3 players out of sight.

3.   Install a security alarm with visible external light and always turn it on.

4.   Do not leave spare keys hidden outside, leave it with a friend/neighbour/relative.

5.   Arrange for mail to be held by Australia Post or collected daily by someone while you are away.

6.   Tell your neighbours you will be away and ask them to collect your mail and put your bin out with theirs.

7.   Install motion sensor lights to the exterior of your property.

8.   Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to reduce the opportunity for burglars to hide and increase visibility from the street.

9.   Engrave/mark your property with your driver’s licence number for easy identification.

10.  Be careful of stating whereabouts on social media.

11.  Destroy boxes from newly bought appliances such as TVs and DVD players so they are not on display for burglars to see.

If your neighbour is going away –

  • Offer to collect your neighbour’s mail and put out their bins.
  • Be watchful of strangers in or around your neighbour’s house.
  • Make a note of callers including their description, vehicle number plate and times/dates.
  • Report any suspicious person/s or vehicle/s immediately to Police on 131 444.