If you see suspicious behaviour or a criminal act, or you have been a victim on crime, it is very important to report your information to Police.

It can be confusing to know what to report and where to report.

Let us break it down for you.

Information sharing

Crime Stoppers WA 

1800 333 000 or online via crimestopperswa.com.au

 What do I report to Crime Stoppers?

Anonymous reporting of non urgent criminal activity or suspicious activity.

  • You have witnessed and/or overhead criminal activity.
  • Recognised a person and/or vehicle of interest to the Police.
  • You have noticed suspicious activity.

Information can be current or from the past.

Police attention - non urgent

131 444 - Press 1 for Police attendance or 2 for report only 

What do I ring 131 444 for?

  •  Burglary, motor vehicle theft, theft from motor vehicles
  • Property related incidents for insurance purposes
  • A disturbance or antisocial behaviour.

Police action - urgent


What do I ring 000 for?

  • A serious crime is in progress or just committed
  • Life or serious injury is threatened
  • An immediate threat to people or property exists

Please note: Neighbourhood Watch does not take reports of crime.

Sharing images to social media

We occasionally see online groups posting photos or CCTV images that identify people that they allege have been involved in a crime.  NHW recommends you refrain from posting photos or CCTV images that may identify people alleged to have been involved in a crime, on community pages.  Posting an incident to social media such as Facebook will not alert Police to an incident.

You are welcome to share posts and photos posted by WA Police Force.

If you have taken a photo or recorded suspicious activity, report the matter direct to Crime Stoppers. 

Tips for gathering information for Police 

Observation and Reporting Techniques

WA Police Force depends upon information provided by the community to contribute to investigations, research and evaluation.  Even if it does not lead to immediate Police attention, a lot of what you see and hear is valuable information for WA Police Force.  As Neighbourhood Watch participants, you can provice this information directly to Police through Crime Stoppers.

Tips for Gathering Information


Start from the top and work down.

The face contains the most detail and features.  If you start from their head and work down to their shoes you will gather information in an order you can remember.  Even if they turn or run away, you may still be able to identify height, approximate age, build and clothing.


Start with vehicle registration number.

Try to get the drive description and then as the car travels away you may still be able to identify the make, model, colour and identifiable markings.


Make the Right Call Multilingual Videos

Information about which Police number to call is now available in other languages. See videos below for translated information in Arabic, Mandarin, Swahili and Vietnamese.

Eyes on the Street App

Eyes on the Street, powered by Crime Stoppers WA, allows people to report suspicious activity quickly, easily and anonymously.

Please note that this is an information sharing tool and not to be used where Police attendance is required at the time.

If you see something, say something.  

Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play now.