Property Marking

Property marking deters theft and makes selling of stolen goods harder.

There are a number of options for marking property:

  • Hard etching
  • Welding
  • Etching
  • Metal punching
  • Chemical marking
  • Property registration
  • Microdot technology
  • Microchip technology

A useful identification is to mark equipment with your driver’s licence number followed by the letters “WA” for your State.  Alternatively, use your property’s stock brand.

  • Maintain a complete list of all property and stock with descriptions of colour, serial numbers, unique markings and ID numbers.
  • Photographs or videos make excellent supporting documents, and can be useful to describe an item or animal.  Keep these in a secure location.
  • Advertise that your property has been marked by attaching labels on machinery and buildings.
  • If selling your equipment, notify the new owner that you have marked your equipment with an ID number and suggest they put their mark below yours.