Fuel Tank Security

With today’s advanced technology it is possible to have remote notification of your fuel levels. Mobile and email applications are available to alert the owner to any use of fuel, generally for a small set up fee. Movement alarms can also be effective in reducing risk of fuel theft.

  • Have fuel tanks located out of sight of passing traffic and if possible, consider locating tanks underground.
  • Ensure tank cut-off valves and pump are securely locked.  Locate any switches in a locked building and turn off power to pumps when not in use.
  • Monitor fuel usage and keep up to date records in order to recognise any unexplained loss.
  • Place signs at entrance points to your property and on fuel tanks to warn offenders of the security measures in place and that fuels are monitored effectively.
  • Fuel dyes can be effective in preventing theft and can be sourced from your local agricultural supplier.