Farm Machinery Theft

  • If it is necessary to leave machinery on site overnight, leave it in view of a farmhouse or highly visible area.  Where this is not practical, park out of sight of any passing traffic.
  • Where possible, store farm machinery in a secure shed or enclosure – preferably in sight of a farm house.
  • Disable equipment by removing the distributor cap, rotor or battery where necessary.
  • Secure equipment with heavy chains and quality locks.  Either chain and lock pieces of equipment together; to trees or other stationary objects; or chain the rear of vehicle to the front wheel/axle.
  • ALWAYS lock vehicles and machinery.
  • NEVER attempt to hide the keys in a location nearby.
  • NEVER leave valuable items displayed inside a vehicle or leave tools and other items scattered in vehicle trays.  If a tool box is attached, secure the contents with a quality padlock.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of all your vehicles and machinery including: registration; chassis and model numbers; and VIN numbers.
  • Photograph or video machinery and valuables to enable easy identification.