Designing Out Crime

Research indicates that opportunity and visibility are key factors for thieves. If thieves believe they can get into and out of your property and easily and without being seen, your property is at a higher risk.

  • Consider visibility when designing and erecting new buildings, sheds or stockyards.  (Ideally these should be in sight of a farm house).
  • Prevent accessibility to your property.  Gates should be as strong as possible, mounted securely to strong corner posts.  Secure gates with quality heavy duty chains and locks.
  • If possible, use heavy duty rollers or metal gates at the entrance to sheds and any outbuildings.
  • Consider the installation of movement sensor cameras or closed circuit television (CCTV) if practical.  This can assist in the successful identification and prosecution of offenders.
  • SIGNS should be placed at entrance points to your property advising that it is “Private Property” and that “Trespassers will be prosecuted”.
  • Warn intruders of security measures used on your property: electronic monitoring; sensor lights; guard dogs and identification markings.