Business Watch

The aim of Business Watch is to establish links among neighbouring small businesses and actively reduce and prevent crime through cooperation and education.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Promote the sharing of information and communication among neighbouring businesses.  Develop a communication network through social media or email to quickly disseminate information.
  • Encourage and enhance cooperation among neighoburhing businesses who look out for each other.  Effectively observing and reporting to police on crimes and suspicious activities that could lead to crime and sharing this information with each other.
  • Robbery prevention through crime-proofing of property.
  • Burglary prevention by adding security measure to impede criminal activity and detect criminal activity.
  • Devleop signals to activate in adjacent businesses when someone needs help.

When you start a Business Watch program within your shopping centre you take an important step toward a safer envirnoment for yourself, your employees, your customers and your community as a whole.

For more information email the Neighbourhood Watch State Office for the Business Watch brochure.