Consistent reporting leads to the arrest of an offender.
23 February 2022
In October 2020 Wendi Campbell rang Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) for information about the program and if it could assist residents of their small unit block in dealing with antisocial behaviour of a tenant that had recently moved in.

After meeting with a number of the residents to discuss their concerns a range of resources where delivered and reporting was encouraged of the behaviour with Crime Stoppers WA.

The residents from the ten units banned together preferring meet face to face as many of them were frightened and relied on the support of each other during the occurrences.

Before they contacted NHW the residents first approached the owner of the unit which was met with adversity and also the Strata Company who was also reluctant to address the issue with the tenant.

Through NHW they were encouraged to report all the suspicious behaviour and criminal activity to Crime Stoppers WA.

The reporting led to two raids on the property and the eventual arrest of the tenant.

During one of the raids, Wendi approached one of the Police Officers for feedback on what was happening with the tenant and what else the residents can do.  The Police Office advised Wendi to “just keep reporting” which they did when the tenant returned after the first raid and continued to carry on with the behaviour.

The behaviour involved people coming and going at all hours of the day and night, endless number of pushbikes being delivered to the unit, the visitors staying for only 10 – 15 minutes per visit, a lot of different people visiting disrespecting privacy and causing disruption to the peaceful way of life of the residents.

Wendi put up NHW bin stickers everywhere so all the visitors to the tenant new that this was a community that looked out for each other and that their behaviour was being shared with Police.

The Police did a second raid and after numerous reports to Police and many months of waiting the persistence finally paid off and the tenant was arrested by Police and has not returned to the units.  The tenant is currently waiting to appear before a judge where he is up on many charges.

The residents of the complex now have lovely new tenants in the unit and are enjoying living in a safer, quieter and friendly community again.