25 March 2022
Lisa and her husband moved into a street in Newman in October 2021, relocating for work and into an established street with other families supporting the local mining industry.

Not long after they moved in their neighbour started playing loud music and working on cars day and night and, as Lisa and her partner are shift workers, this was very frustrating.  To add further weight behind a diminishing neighbourly relationship, Lisa and her husband had a protective dog and the neighbour’s child would often stick his hands and head under the fence, causing concern for the child’s safety for Lisa.  However, after trying to explain that they were worried about the dog biting the child, the two families clashed and just did not listen to each other.

In January 2022, a proactive local resident Karen, contacted Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) about getting local networks established in Newman and requesting resources such as bin stickers to distribute in their street.  As the news of NHW started to spread in the community, other residents began to ask for resources in response to local issues in the community.  After contacting Karen, Lisa also obtained resources including stickers for her bins.  One day, after seeing the NHW bin stickers on Lisa’s garbage bins, the neighbour came and knocked on Lisa’s front door.

The neighbour introduced himself and explained that he thought they got off on the wrong foot and he may have been a bit difficult on a few occasions and he was sorry. He acknowledged the NHW program and that it was a great initiative for the street.  He also explained that one of his motorbikes had been stolen a few nights ago and wanted to let us know about it, he had reported it to police, and put it on the local community Facebook page.

Since this exchange they have now swapped contact information and life has been a lot quieter.  The neighbour even asked Lisa to look over their property while they were away on holidays.

Lisa is now slowly working towards creating a WhatsApp group.  They are slowly building connections with other neighbours in their street and hoping that the sharing of information of community concerns and promoting the NWH philosophy will contribute towards building a positive, safer and friendly neighbourhood. 

Disclaimer – names and addresses have been changed/omitted on request.