Windich Place, Leederville is a cul-de-sac where neighbours know each other and chat regularly
29 January 2021

The homes are predominately townhouses with small front and rear courtyards with young families.  The cul-de-sac has provided a perfect environment for children to play and neighbours to chat.   One of these informal interactions with neighbours Gabby, Todd, Lucy, Matt, Heidi and Clayton explored the idea of creating a communal garden.

The communal garden was to provide another space for neighbours to interact, expand on limited gardening opportunities offered by the townhouses, provide an interactive/explorative space for children and to make use of a space at the end of the cul-de-sac. 

The idea ignited discussions with the City of Vincent who generously supported the idea through grant funding and an MOU with the neighbours who added value to the space at the end of their cul-de-sac.

Gabby, an environmental scientist was able to put together a plan for sustainable and environmentally friendly beds, and using skills from neighbours, the garden beds were established. Neighbouring streets were advised of the garden through a letter box drop by Gabby and residents from the neighbourhood contribute to the composting and help themselves to the local produce.

The neighbours believe that the garden has added value to their neighbourhood community and contributes to a safer environment by building relationships with neighbours who know each other and look out for the local environment.

One new resident bought into the complex because of the garden.  “I saw the garden when I was looking for a house for sale and thought I want to live there.”  So, I took up the opportunity and I am now happy to be part of this great neighbourhood community.