Community Engagement Division (CED) officers, Neighbourhood Watch WA, Perth District Police and the WA Police Force Graffiti Team have been working together in an effective partnership to help tackle stealing from motor vehicles in the Crawley precinct close to the iconic Blue Boatshed on Mounts Bay Road.
30 October 2020

Given that the Blue Boatshed is regularly among the top Instagram posts worldwide, it’s not surprising that it attracts both local and overseas visitors, many of whom have been victims of steal-ex motor vehicle incidents upon leaving their vehicles to visit the Boatshed.

 Unfortunately many of the overseas visitors to the Blue Boatshed park their hire cars in surrounding streets with their valuables stored in the vehicle. Potential offenders are well aware that these tourists are going to be away from their vehicles for normally between 15 and 30 minutes giving them enough time to force entry to the vehicle and remove valuable items of property. Most tourists take their cameras or mobile phones with them to photograph the Boat Shed however many other valuable items are still left in the vehicles. Credit cards, cash and passports are common items that are regularly stolen and these items being stolen create significant problems for the visiting tourists.

 A Chinese film crew reporting for a tourist program in China recently visited the Blue Boat Shed and on their return to their hire vehicle they discovered that several items of expensive photographic equipment had been stolen. This type of incident could potentially adversely affect our economically important tourist industry.

CED’s Community Engagement Officer, Ian Westmore, said as part of a range of stakeholder engagement, Neighbourhood Watch State Coordinator Jenny O’Brien has played an important role in providing education to residents from the area. “There’s a lot of high density, apartment style living in the area, so Ms O’Brien had to work through a number of layers to engage with the residents, but meeting with them and having content included in Strata newsletters meant there was greater awareness about what to look out for, where to report and how to report,” he said.

“As a result of this work, a lot of information started coming through to Crime Stoppers which proved to be invaluable. Alongside this engagement arose opportunities to install portable CCTV cameras on some of the resident’s balconies. Two camera units from the Graffiti Team were used and the City of Perth also deployed one of their mobile CCTV camera trailers in Kings Park Avenue,” Mr Westmore said.

“The measures have had a very positive impact on stealing offences in the area and resulted in arrests – something which makes a visit to this beautiful part of Perth city even more enjoyable for our visitors.”