Neighbourhood Driveway Dinners - Bayswater
30 April 2020

Reaching out through social media, Nikki organised a dinner in her street on Friday, 3 April where neighbours could connect and be with neighbours without breaching the isolation/social distancing guidelines.  Tables and chairs or picnic rugs were set up in respective driveways and neighbours cooked or ordered dinner to be delivered and ate together.  The administrator of the Facebook page, Michelle Slater, embraced the idea and shared a Spotify playlist that residents could add to and play on their respective streets.  There were about 60 neighbours involved in the driveway dinners on the first night.  The event was so popular they have been meeting regularly since the first night once a week and the event is promoted across the Bayswater community through Facebook.

To celebrate people doing good things for others, Nikki was nominated by Michelle for a 94.5fm “Got Your Back” award which celebrated people doing good things for others during COVID-19 which earned her street and Michelle’s street free pizzas from local Pizza restaurant Rossonero’s.  The radio station also made a playlist to coincide with the dinners.