In an effort for neighbours to get to know neighbours, Broome NHW Facebook launches a Get to Know Your Neighbour Day
23 February 2022
NHW Broome Facebook page was first created in January 2014.

Since then it has grown its membership base to over 4,000 followers.  The administrators created the page to raise awareness of crime and prevention techniques in the community and encourage the reporting of suspicious and criminal activity.

In December (2019) Megan and Graham embarked on an ambitious social media campaign to encourage neighbours of Broome, to get to know each other.  The campaign was promoted through social media and supported by Broom Police, PCYC and the Shire of Broome to build community connections and raise awareness amongst neighbours.

The idea was based around Neighbour Day held each year in March.  "It wasn't so much about the day and time, as we advertised the event a couple of weeks beforehand, it was from the moment the post went live people were already talking about it and changing behaviours, such as locking their doors and engaging with their neighbours", said Megan.  "The message was all about getting to know your neighbours, so people know what is going on around them, keeping in touch and being aware of suspicious behaviour".

NHW resources were handed out and made available at local businesses for people to collect.

The event also generated interest from the Broome Advertiser, GWN7 (News) and the ABC Kimberley (Radio) generating additional promotion and awareness in the community.

 Well done Broome for your wonderful initiative.