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Thank you for your interest to be a volunteer with the NHW program.

To be an active volunteer a person needs to join an existing NHW group.  To find out if a group exists in your local community, contact the NHW State Office. 

We are unable to process any new volunteer registrations until February 2020.


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If different from residential address
I acknowledge that as the Neighbourhood Watch Program is a crime prevention program, it is necessary to screen applicants in order to assess their suitability to participate. Accordingly, I am 18 years of age or over and hereby authorise the WA Police Force to check its criminal records and other records in order to determine whether details of any convictions and/or other information are recorded against my name.
I understand the NHW WA Board grants all authorisations or accreditation for any individual to participate in or represent the Neighbourhood Watch Program in Western Australia and that the NHW WA Board reserves the right to withdraw such authorisation or accreditation at any time.
Please confirm that you approve us to carry out a police check.
Please note: We cannot accept an application without this confirmation.