Community Grants

Neighbourhood Watch Active Volunteers and Local Government Authorities can apply for a Neighbourhood Watch Community Grant of up to $500.00 to host projects, events and activities in their community, that assist in communicating and promoting the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch.

Applicants should allow sufficient time for their applications to be considered. Normally a month’s notice is adequate. For significant events requiring clarification on insurance or resources, at least two months’ notice is requested.

How to apply

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • Send your application to:

Neighbourhood Watch State Coordinator
Neighbourhood Watch State Office
Level 3, 2 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth   WA   6004
or via email.

Step 4

  • On formal advice from the NHW State Office that the application has been approved, send a Tax Invoice for the approved grant amount to Neighbourhood Watch WA at the above address.

Step 5

  • Send your Grant Evaluation submission within 30 days of your event/project/activity being completed.

Grant Application Checklist

Ensure you have:

  • completed and signed the Community Grant Application;
  • read and signed the Terms & Conditions;
  • council/shire approval for your project/event/activity;
  • appropriate insurance cover;
  • allowed sufficient time between your application being assessed and the commencement of your project/event/activity;
  • included promotional opportunities for Neighbourhood Watch; and
  • planned for collecting required documentation, records and information for your Grant Evaluation submission.

Grant Evaluations

Terms and conditions of receiving a Neighbourhood Watch Community Grant are subject to you complying with the evaluation criteria, after providing a Grant Evaluation submission.

Failure to submit a Grant Evaluation submission may result in you or your organisation being ineligible to apply for any future Neighbourhood Watch Grants.