About Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

It is a community based self help program aimed at reducing the incidence of preventable crime and preserving your way of life.

Why is it needed?

A Police Officer on patrol may not know what is normal in your street and may not recognise a stranger in your yard.

You and your neighbours are in a position to observe and report anything of a suspicious nature to Police.

Most neighbours already observe activities in their street, particularly if it is not normal, however many people do not do anything about suspicious activities because they do not know what to do or if their neighbours would appreciate their involvement.

Neighbourhood Watch is protection of your property and way of life through communication and cooperation between neighbours.

Cam-Map WA

Cam-Map WA is a comprehensive database of all voluntarily registered CCTV systems across Western Australia.

This publicly accessed platform allows owners and operators of CCTV systems to self-register onto a secure database operated by the WA Police Force.

Accurate knowledge of the locations of CCTV systems will assist WA Police to investigate incidents in order to improve community safety.