What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch helps neighbours look out for neighbours

You and your neighbours are in a position to observe strangers and/or strange behaviour and report these suspicions to Police.  By simply getting to know the neighbours around you, you will be well positioned to recognise someone or something that is suspicious.

Neighbourhood Watch is a good way to start conversations in your community and build safe, strong, caring, connected and happy communities!

Neighbourhood Watch Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes!  We just are just not as "visible" as we once were.  Once upon a time we had thousands of people involved across the State promoting the program at local shopping centres, door knocking, delivering newsletters and attending meetings etc.  Operationally, we have changed significantly where we no longer have volunteers carrying out traditional roles but encourage all residents to practice the NHW philosophy.  We now have local networks of residents in a neighbourhood who share information, look out for each other, implement strategies to reduce preventable crime and report suspicious activity to Police.

  • WA Police Force are the custodians of the Neighbourhood Watch program in Western Australia.  Police fund a full time coordinator and also provide a small allocation of funding to the operational requirements of the program.

  • A community based self help program aimed at reducing the incidence of preventable crime and strengthening community relationships through communication and education.

  • A Police Officer on patrol may not know what is normal in your street and may not recognise a stranger in your yard.

    You and your neighbours are in a position to observe and report anything of a suspicious nature to Police.

    For example, as we go about our daily routines, we have the opportunity to casually observe the neighbourhood.  Such observations may be useful in keeping children away from vacant houses, reporting abandoned cars, or alerting neighbours and police to suspicious persons in the area.  These examples are few, but it is important to realise that criminals find it difficult to operate in areas where people take an active role in preventing crime.

    No police force can effectively protect life and property without the active support and cooperation of the people it serves.  Every resident should participate in Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Neighbourhood Watch works through mutual cooperation and communication between neighbours.   

    Neighbourhood Watch asks you to be the eyes of ears for your neighbours, to be more involved with your neighbours and their property by becoming more aware and alert to the activity in your immediate residential area.

    For Neighbourhood Watch to be totally effective, each resident must take an active role in home security improvement and observation.

    A network is encouraged to be observant and aware of the comings of goings in a street, apply common-sense security precautions and report all suspicious activities to police.

Neighbourhood Watch Celebrates 40 Years

On the 27th October 1982, WA Police Force introduced Neighbourhood Watch as a pilot program in Bunbury.  With the support of Local Governments and the community, the program quickly spread through the state.

Forty years on, the program is still going strong and although our operational model has changed significantly, the philosophy is still the same - neighbours looking out for neighbours.

Watch our commemorative video paying tribute to community involvement over 40 years.