About Neighbourhood Watch

Creating a safe and friendly environment where crime is less likely to happen.

The objective of Neighbourhood Watch is for neighbours to work together to prevent crime.

By enlisting community members to increase the level of supervision of homes and public areas we can all combat burglary, theft and vandalism.

Neighbourhood Watch encourages people to take an active role in their community and their own safety to reduce opportunities for crime to happen.


What we do

The main function of Neighbourhood Watch is based on creating a local network of neighbours who:

  • Help each other
  • Make each other feel safe
  • Look after shared places
  • Keep their street safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about Neighbourhood Watch

  • The best way to get involved is simply by getting to know your neighbours. 

    You can start the conversation with our "Knock Knock" cards or by starting a "What's App" group. 

     We have resources that can help with these introductions on our "Resources" page. 

  • Once you've created your network keep communicating and connect as a community.

    Perhaps you could hold an information session where you can distribute NHW and crime prevention materials or just hold a community BBQ or picnic in your street. 

    You can contact us for further assistance- even your local council can help out :) 


  • There are volunteering opportunities with established NHW groups in the Perth metro area and in regional WA.

    There are also participation groups that spread the word about Neighbourhood Watch and connect locally

    Please email info@nhw.wa.gov.au so we can help you connect to a local group

  • Use the safety checklist in our Neighbourhood Watch brochure to make your home and apartment less inviting to would be intruders.


  • Sign up to a WA Police Force Facebook page or Twitter account to stay informed on what is happening in your community



  • If you are in immediate danger please Dial '000'

    If you are witnessing a crime occurring and require Police assistance dial 131 444

    If you wish to report suspicious behaviour you can call crime stoppers on tel:1800333000

    Crime Stoppers report


If someone needs help, they just ask through the group and people respond.
Rob- Stirling


If we won lotto and moved, we would have to take our street with us!
Tony- Wellard